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Anonymous: hey! I just checked out your music and no doubt that it deserves 2 thumbs up!! :) except... what genre is it? it's the first time I've heard of music like that.. mind telling me all about it?

i think its dream pop or experimental pop? or so they say, its just pop music thats weirder than ur normal pop music 

some call it shoegaze r&b or chillwave or whatever i dont really know

but then again thank you very much!!!!


holographic pool
prexa: lol I accidentally posted the reply but hi Roomeee! I was just listening to your sc stuff earlier. But y'know, thanks :D It means a lot to me. I'll get better too. I promise ;) Have a fukinnn great day!

its ok!! ahHhhhHH i kinda saw u cuz of sc and i thought ur name was familiar comes out i use to see ur posts around tumblr (i think???) im sorry!!!!!! but yes u are really good!!!!